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DL4M Chrome Duallyvalve Kit

Duallyvalve - Your dually solution!
Condition: New
Model/SKU: DL4M
Manufacturer: Duallyvalve
Shipping Weight: 2.00
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Price: $120.00/KIT
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DL4M Chrome Duallyvalve Kit
Part # DL4M
Replacement 1-piece metal bolt-in valve stems for Class A Roadmaster & Monaco. Traditionally, adding air to dually tires was difficult which required the use of specially designed air chucks and specially designed air gauges just to get to the valve stem. Not anymore! Duallyvalves are designed to make tire pressure checks and inflation easy on motorhomes. The length of the inner dual valve has been extended to reach the outer dual and the outer stem is curved making it easy to add air.
  • No more braided or rubber extensions that leak
  • No more rubber base valve stems
  • No more crawling around to locate the inner tire valve stem
Vehicle Application: Roadmaster, Monaco
Vehicle Class: A
Vehicle Year(s): Varies 
Vehicle Wheel Size(s): 22.5"
Vehicle Wheel Types(s): Steel / Aluminum
Vehicle Outer Dual Wheel Hand-Hole Shape: Pentagon
Vehicle Outer Dual Wheel Wheel Hand-Hole Size: 2-7/8" x 1-7/8"
Kit Contents
(2) Inner Steel Dual Wheel 9" Regular Mount Chrome Valve Stems .625
(2) Outer Aluminum Dual Wheel 3.5" Double Bend 105 Degree Regular Mount Chrome Valve Stems 9.7mm
(2) Stabilizers (Go in the outer Wheel that stabilize the inner dual wheel stem. Does not go in the cover / simulator cover)
Duallyvalve Parts 3 Years
Duallyvalve stems DO NOT work with INTERNAL TPMS. Duallyvalves can work with External TPMS that go on the end of the valve stem.
Having Duallyvalves makes it difficult for the tire shop to balance your inner tires on a standard machine due to the long inner valve stem. Duallyvalve is compatible with internal Balancing Compounds.
Tire Rotation
Having Duallyvalves make it difficult for the tire shop to rotate your tires. Inner stems, Outer stems and Front stems are all different. You can rotate Inner with Inner, Outer with Outer and Front with Front.
To reduce potential future air leaks; we recommend after 5 years replacing the rubber seals on the valve stems in the Dually Valve Kit. Just give Duallyvalve a call 800-300-2674 or 818-352-8717 x111 and we would be happy to help you get what you need. NOTE: Some Aluminum wheel valve stems do not have replacement grommets.
Similar Kit PN# for this vehicle application: DL4, DL4A, DL4A25, DL4FL, DL4AKW, DL4AKW25, DL4AOS, DL4FO
Package Weight & Dimensions
  • Height: 12.25"
  • Width: 3.5”
  • Depth: 2”
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 
DV Installation Instructions (10 MB)
Free Download
What Duallyvalve Kit Do I Need? (272.51 kB)
Free Download
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