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B1 Magic Blue Tire Dressing 1 Gallon

3D Products
Condition: New
Model/SKU: MB1
Manufacturer: 3D Products
Shipping Weight: 10.00
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Price: $49.76/GALLON
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B1 Magic Blue Tire Dressing 


  • VOC Compliant Solvent Based Exterior Dressing
  • Gives A High Gloss Shine On Tires
  • Protects And Beautifies Vinyl And Other Parts Of The Car



3D Magic Blue is an extremely long lasting solvent-based exterior dressing designed to not only darken, but produce extreme amounts of shine to virtually any non-painted surface. Works great on exterior surfaces such as rubber, plastic, tires, trim and moldings. What makes this product different from any other solvent-based dressing on the market is that it dries to the touch and will not sling off or leave a sticky residue behind thus virtually eliminating finger prints and dust attraction. This unique feature allows the user an entirely different realm of alternative uses outside of just tires. And what’s even better is the pleasant watermelon aroma that makes dressing your favorite trim even more pleasant.


Wondering how to restore shine and luster to vinyl tops, plastic moldings, window trims, bumper trims, tires and other exterior rubber surfaces on your car? This solvent based dressing will give you the highest gloss look you are aiming for. It will also bring out the shine on your car’s black metal trims and achieve a high gloss shine on your faded wiper arms.


Magic Blue is specially formulated to effectively protect exterior surfaces from UV rays, severe weather conditions and sun exposure by reviving their appearance at the same time. While this trim protector does a fantastic job of giving tires high gloss results, it will also retain that look for a long time. To shine your tires simply spray and walk away. To enhance rubber trims simply apply Magic Blue to a cotton or foam applicator and wipe on directly to a beautiful new look.


Magic Blue is the perfect solution to achieving the “new look” that you want, without having to spend a lot of time doing so. You can use this product to easily enhance faded moldings and black bumper accents. It will penetrate deep into the pores of the trim and stay there giving you a long lasting shine that you’ll love.


3D Magic Blue is a car care product that any detailer should have in their arsenal. Great for use in detail shops, mobile detailing, full service car washes, automobile dealerships and especially used car dealerships to maintain long lasting black shiny tires. Formulated from non-aromatic solvents; it is also VOC compliant and safe in all 50 states.


B1 Magic Blue Tire Dressing MSDS (72.96 kB)
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