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Balancer - Med/High Volume

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_p_rn Wheel Balancers Medium- High Duty category in Yourtireshopsupply.com is geared toward medium duty shops that need wheel balancers for cars & light trucks._/p_
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Model #CO1100 1PH
1100 Direct Drive Wheel Balancer 40mm 220V 1Ph Coats 1100 Series Wheel Balancer    Fast Accurate, Durable, Packed with Features for Front Line Tire Service     The new Coats 1100 Wheel Balancer combines the accuracy and durability of Coats' Direct Drive system w ...
Price: $4,004.71
In Stock
1100 Direct Drive Wheel Balancer 40mm 220V 1Ph
Model #CO875
875 Wheel Balancer 110V 40mm   4th Qtr. Pricing Effective: 10/01/2018 - 12/31/2018   The Coats 875 wheel balancer brings professional balancing service to your lineup     Whether you own a brake shop, muffler shop, or are just starting out with a couple of bays, t ...
Price: $4,067.06
In Stock
875 Wheel Balancer 110V 40mm
Eyelight Wheel Balancer   Corghi No. 0-21109980/00   Electronic wheel balancer with display for passenger cars, light transport vehicles, and, motorcycles   Diagnostic wheel balancer with touchscreen and touchless dimension detection, analyses wheel geometry and sol ...
Price: $16,776.47
In Stock
Eyelight Wheel Balancer
Model #CGEM9980C
EM9980C Wheel Balancer    Corghi No. 0-21109780/00   EM9980 C Touchless Line   Electronic wheel balancer with display for passenger cars, light transport vehicles, motorcycles   Automatic Wheel Clamping New electromechanical system that reduces work ...
Price: $13,647.06
In Stock
EM9980C Wheel Balancer
Model #CGEM9580
EM9580 Wheel Balancer   Corghi No. 0-21109581/00    EM9580 LaserLine  Professional monitor wheel balancer, for passenger cars, light weight trucks, and motorbikes Fast, accurate, reliable and easy-to-use display wheel balancer    Wheel Dimension D ...
Price: $8,117.65
In Stock
EM9580 Wheel Balancer
Model #CGEM7280
EM7280 Wheel Balancer   EM 7280   Electronic Wheel Balancer with monitor for cars, lightweight transport vehicles, and motor vehicles. Versatile and accurate, it is ideal for wheel servicing   LCD Monitor Ideal for displaying high resolution graphics and for using the ...
Price: $5,317.65
In Stock
EM7280 Wheel Balancer
Model #CGEM7240
EM7240 Wheel Balancer   Electronic balancing with display for cars, lightweight transport vehicles, and motor vehicles. Compact, simple, and accurate - Perfect for all professionals.   EM7240 is available with automatic or manual acquisition of wheel diameter and distance. The lo ...
Price: $3,188.24
In Stock
EM7240 Wheel Balancer
Model #CO1150-2D-40
1150-2D Direct Drive Wheel Balancer 40mm 220V 3Ph   Coats 1100 Series Wheel Balancer    Engineered for speed and accuracy…built to last     The new Coats 1150-2D Wheel Balancer combines the accuracy and durability of Coats’ Direct Drive system wi ...
Price: $4,663.53
In Stock
1150-2D Direct Drive Wheel Balancer 40mm 220V 3Ph
OPTIMA Diagnostic Wheel Balancer   geodyna Optima   The Fully Automatic Wheel Balancer with 3D Laser Technology      What is the geodyna Optima?    The geodyna Optima is a diagnostic wheel balancer using a patented non-contact laser technology. ...
Price: $15,755.29
In Stock
OPTIMA Diagnostic Wheel Balancer
Optima II Diagnostic Wheel Balancer    geodyna Optima II   Fully-Automatic Diagnostic Wheel Balancing System       The Hofmann Optima II is a fully-automated diagnostic wheel balancer that offers touchless measurement and analysis. Fully automatic inpu ...
Price: $16.47
In Stock
OPTIMAII Diagnostic Wheel Balancer
Model #HM9300
Geodyna 9300 Wheel Balancer          Hoffman continues its industry leading development for the high-volume professional tire shop introduction of the geodyna series of wheel balancers. The geodyna 9300 offers the fastest and most accurate floor-to-finish time in ...
Price: $5,547.06
In Stock
Geodyna 9300 Wheel Balancer
Model #HM3900S
Geodyna 3900S Wheel Balancer      Compact Balancer With High-End Features   Ideal for all shops - small footprint complimented by the video display provides high-end features in a compact design.     In less than ten seconds, the color display shows th ...
Price: $5,500.00
In Stock
Geodyna 3900S Wheel Balancer
Model #HM2350
EEWB701D Wheel Balancer The Hofmann geodyna 2300m is specially designed to balance today’s motorcycle wheels. The geodyna 2300m features push-button start and an automatic brake, single or 2-plane balancing, and high-performance accuracy. Its quick, simple and accurate mounting system will ...
Price: $3,499.09
In Stock
EEWB701D Wheel Balancer
Model #HM2400
EEWB702D Wheel Balancer   **Please call for available, current promotional offers on this piece of equipment. We include basic installation and training on most tire and wheel service equipment. Please call us to verify. Note: Basic installation does not include the electrical wiring need ...
Price: $4,457.65
In Stock
EEWB702D Wheel Balancer