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Z-Bore - Valves, Extensions, Spuds

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Z-Bore - Valves, Extensions, Spuds. According to Haltec...Z-Bore Valve Extensions, Spud system is very similar to the super large bore system. By using an o-ring seal to clamp the spud to the rim, a greater flow diameter is created without sacraficing strength or preformance.

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Model #HAZ13
Z-13 Screw-In Spud   Ascot No. 466-70013     The Z-13 screw-in spud screws into the 3/4in. NPT-tapped rim hole and converts Mega Bore to Z-Bore.
Price: $12.40
In Stock
Z-13 Screw-In Spud
Model #HAZ4
Z-4 Angle Screw-In Spud   Ascot No. 466-70004   Fits 1/2in. NPT-tapped rim hole. 85 degree bend angle.
Price: $15.50
In Stock
Z-4 Angle Screw-In Spud
ZFAK Assembly Kit For Z-Bore Valves Ascot No. 466-70701 ZFAK Assembly Kit For Z-Bore Valves Contains Z8 Swivel connector Z17 Straight tubing connector (2) Z2-2 nuts (2) Z9 Tubing connector sleeves Z10 Core Housing NOTE: Z-100 tubing is ordered separately &nb ...
Price: $32.24
In Stock
ZFAK Assembly Kit For Z-Bore Valves
Model #HAZ12
Z-12 Inflator   Ascot No. 466-70012   To maximize air flow, a Z12 inflator is used to remove the core housing during inflation and deflation  This inflator operates like the IN-80A Super Large Bore inflator      Z12 Parts L ...
Price: $109.44
In Stock
Z12 Inflator
Model #HAZ3-90
Z3-90 Angle Connector 90 Degree   Ascot No. 466-70390   Connectors of various angles and lengths are available. The connector accommodates a flexible extension which attaches to the Z-10 core housing.
Price: $18.56
In Stock
Z3-90 Z-Bore Valve System Angle Connector 90 Degree
Model #HAZ10
Z-10 Core Housing   Ascot No. 466-70010     Complete with core and cap Integral part of the system as the Z-10 is removed from the valve assembly with the Haltec Z-12 Inflator to utilize the larger opening and the fullest flow  
Price: $13.82
In Stock
Z-10 Core Housing
Model #HAZ1
Z-1 Screw-In Spud   Ascot No. 466-70001     The screw-in spud is used to attach any of the Z-BORE Valves to the rim and is designed to screw into a 1/2in. NPT-tapped hole. The spud can be changed without demounting the tire.         &nb ...
Price: $8.28
In Stock
Z-1 Screw-In Spud