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PT Valve System

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According to Haltec...The best way to insure maximum tire life is through proper tire inflation. Using a PT valve and gauge assembly, tire pressure monitoring has never been easier. Use the PT gauge for daily checks and a separate master gauge for weekly checks and you will catch air loss before it can cause permanent tire damage. By selecting the right PT valve for the application, a gauge can be installed on virtually any machine without the gauge assembly being vulnerable to damage. On some job sites air pressure almost never gets checked until it is visually noticed and by this time permanent tire damage has occurred. The PT valve and gauge assembly will raise the awareness level of machine operators, making it easier for them to recognize a low tire before damage has been done.

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PT Gauge   Ascot No. 468-00101   The PT Valve System is a new design that allows tire pressure to be monitored with an easy-toread, liquid filled, dial gauge attached to the valve Comes with gauge and nut Calibrated 0-160 psi PT gauge is ordered separately ...
Price: $67.74
In Stock
PT Gauge
Model #DI8909C
8909C Large Bore Valve Fishing Tool 31in. Ascot No. 469-08909
Price: $7.34
In Stock
8909C Large Bore Valve Fishing Tool 31in.