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Hofmann Corporation (Snap-On)

Hofmann Corporation (Snap-On)

The Hofmann Corporation, a worldwide company, began in 1931 as a privately-owned company located in Pfungstadt, Germany. Hofmann USA began manufacturing, distributing and servicing its products in North America in 1969. In 1997, Hofmann Corporation was purchased by Snap-on, Inc. Since this purchase, Hofmann has taken steps to strengthen its position in the marketplace with a solid feature-packed product offering. Combined with our sister company in Canada, Hofmann Balancing Techniques, Ltd., we have become a major supplier of professional shop equipment to the automotive aftermarket in North America.

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Model #HM3850
HM3850 Tire Changer   The monty 3850 is a heavy-duty tire changer designed for tubeless and tube-type wheels. This changer can mount/demount all truck, bus, tractor and off-road tires up to 60" in diameter. The hydraulically-operated clamping jaws can clamp from 14" - 26" e ...
Price: $12,940.00
In Stock
3850 Tire Changer
Model #HMFA1000
Monty FA 1000 Automatic Tire Changer   The Hofmann monty FA 1000 fully-automatic tire changer is designed to safely and efficiently change all types of tire and wheel combinations. The innovative design features on the monty FA 1000 include: computerized mount/demount programs, automatic ...
Price: $24,266.35
In Stock
Monty FA 1000 Automatic Tire Changer
Model #HM1575
Monty 1575 Tire Changer   Product Overview:   The Hofmann monty 1575 is ideal for shops looking for great value without sacrificing productivity. It includes wheel protectors so even the most expensive wheels can be changed without additional expense and fear of cosmetic damage. ...
Price: $4,039.52
In Stock
Monty 1575 Tire Changer
Model #HM2800B
2800B Tire Changer Impact Resistant Rotationally Molded Top Cover Will Handle the high volume requirements of the service shops Recess mounted air gauge for longer life Integrated tool storage compartments where they should be...at the work site. Store weight hammers, valve pullers, ...
Price: $3,942.35
In Stock
2800B Tire Changer
Model #TMTC14024784
TC 14024784 Nylon Mount/Demount Duckhead Kit     For use with tire changers     Nylon mount/demount shoe kit for the below tire changers. Allows you to mount a nylon shoe in place of a steel shoe.   AccuTurn: 3402, 3600, 3602, 3602HP, 4260, 4400, 4560MR, 46 ...
Price: $30.20
In Stock
TC 14024784 Nylon Mount/Demount Duckhead Kit
Model #HM3300
Monty 3300 Tire Changer       Hofmann’s monty 3300 tilt-tower tire changers feature 24in. outer-wheel clamping standard. The monty 3300 accommodates tire diameters up to 40in. and wheel widths up to 15in. This tire changer can handle a wide variety of wheels available ...
Price: $8,464.71
In Stock
Monty 3300 Tire Changer
Model #HM4400
Monty 4400 Tire Changer   Make wheel service for trucks, tractors, off-road and skidder wheels a faster, easier and more profitable part of your business with Hofmann’s monty 4400. These heavy-duty tire changers are designed to mount/demount tires up to 90in. in diameter. The monty ...
Price: $19,044.71
In Stock
Monty 4400 Tire Changer
Model #HM8600
Monty 8600 Leverless Tire Changer    Electronic Sync Dual Bead Breaker Laser pointer for precise mounting tool postiioning  Electronically synchronized dual-disc bead breaker with servo drive  Bead roller is effective on both soft and stiff sidewalls  ...
Price: $16,609.41
In Stock
Monty 8600 Leverless Tire Changer
Model #HM1625
Monty 1625 Tire Changer The Hofmann monty 1625 series are high-performance tire changers designed to servie standard and performance wheels on automobiles and light trucks. The patented EasyMont Pro Bead Assist on the monty 1625em holds the bead into the drop center making one-operator tire chan ...
Price: $5,881.18
In Stock
Monty 1625 Tire Changer
Model #HM1520
Monty 1520 Tire Changer     The Hofmann monty 1520 is an entry-level tire changer designed for single-bay repair shops and quick-lubes. The monty 1520 swing-arm tire changer features 18in. outside wheel clamping standard (22in. outside wheel clamping with optional adapters), allows ...
Price: $3,948.24
In Stock
Monty 1520 Tire Changer
Model #HM3650
Monty 3650 Tire Changer     The Hofmann Monty 3650 heavy-duty tire changer is specifically designed to change on-road, RV, and bus tires. The Monty 3650 is ideal for businesses that maintain a fleet of vehicles, freight forwarders, and bus garages. The Monty 3650 can handle wheel d ...
Price: $9,611.76
In Stock
Monty 3650 Tire Changer
Model #HM1620
Monty 1620 Tire Changer          The Hofmann monty 1620 is designed for high-volume tire shops, multi-bay repair shops and car dealerships. The monty 1620 swing-arm tire changer features 21in. outer-wheel clamping standard (26in. with optional adapters), and accomm ...
Price: $5,065.88
In Stock
Monty 1620 Tire Changer
Model #HM1520M
Monty 1520M Tire Changer      The Hofmann monty 1520m can handle all types of motorcycle and ATV tires with a maximum width of 13in. and wheel clamping diameter from 10in. to 12in. Optional ATV clamping jaws allows for clamping down to 7in. The monty 1520m is equipped with sta ...
Price: $4,167.06
In Stock
Monty 1520M Tire Changer
OPTIMA Diagnostic Wheel Balancer   geodyna Optima   The Fully Automatic Wheel Balancer with 3D Laser Technology      What is the geodyna Optima?    The geodyna Optima is a diagnostic wheel balancer using a patented non-contact laser technology. ...
Price: $15,755.29
In Stock
OPTIMA Diagnostic Wheel Balancer
Optima II Diagnostic Wheel Balancer    geodyna Optima II   Fully-Automatic Diagnostic Wheel Balancing System       The Hofmann Optima II is a fully-automated diagnostic wheel balancer that offers touchless measurement and analysis. Fully automatic inpu ...
Price: $16.47
In Stock
OPTIMAII Diagnostic Wheel Balancer
Model #HM9300
Geodyna 9300 Wheel Balancer          Hoffman continues its industry leading development for the high-volume professional tire shop introduction of the geodyna series of wheel balancers. The geodyna 9300 offers the fastest and most accurate floor-to-finish time in ...
Price: $5,547.06
In Stock
Geodyna 9300 Wheel Balancer
Model #HM3900S
Geodyna 3900S Wheel Balancer      Compact Balancer With High-End Features   Ideal for all shops - small footprint complimented by the video display provides high-end features in a compact design.     In less than ten seconds, the color display shows th ...
Price: $5,500.00
In Stock
Geodyna 3900S Wheel Balancer
Model #HM2350
EEWB701D Wheel Balancer The Hofmann geodyna 2300m is specially designed to balance today’s motorcycle wheels. The geodyna 2300m features push-button start and an automatic brake, single or 2-plane balancing, and high-performance accuracy. Its quick, simple and accurate mounting system will ...
Price: $3,499.09
In Stock
EEWB701D Wheel Balancer
Model #HM2400
EEWB702D Wheel Balancer   **Please call for available, current promotional offers on this piece of equipment. We include basic installation and training on most tire and wheel service equipment. Please call us to verify. Note: Basic installation does not include the electrical wiring need ...
Price: $4,457.65
In Stock
EEWB702D Wheel Balancer
Model #HM980L115
HM980L Truck and Passenger Balancer with lift   The Hofmann geodyna 980L adds to tire tread life with its 2-Plane/Dynamic, off-the-vehicle balancing of truck tires. A pneumatic wheel lift is standard on the geodyna 980L, so heavy lifting is eliminated and proper wheel mounting is guarante ...
Price: $10,351.76
In Stock
980L Truck and Passenger Balancer with lift