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M.L. Bernie Co.

M.L. Bernie Co.

M. L. Bernie Co. was founded in 1946 and is the oldest tire shop supply and equipment warehouse in California. We have a complete line of valve stems for the automotive, truck fleet, and aircraft industries. We have air tools, hydraulic and air powered jacks, hydraulic grease and oil pumps, air compressors for the shop and mobile truck repair. We also have a complete line of tire changers, balancers, brake lathes, and alignment equipment for the passenger tire shops and truck fleets. 

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Model #MY16451
66-16-451 Fast-Dry Cement 8oz.     Fast-Dry Self-Vulcanizing Cement eliminates the most common cause of failed repairs — lack of proper drying time. Fast-Dry Cement activates the chemical vulcanization process to bond repair units to the tire casing. Flammable. Flash point -4 ...
Price: $19.52
In Stock
66-16-451 Fast-Dry Cement 8oz.
Model #MY16118
16-118 Bead Sealer 1 Quart   Forms an airtight seal between the tire and rim, reducing bead leaks. Bead Sealer is a thick, high-solid content, black sealant. Brush on the beads of tubeless tires during mounting. Quick, economical and profitable way to end comebacks from bead leaks. Flamma ...
Price: $36.92
In Stock
16-118 Bead Sealer 1 Quart
Model #MY14508
14-508 Quilled Patch Plug Qty 25   Use for crown puncture repairs in bias and radial passenger and truck tires. The metal quill facilitates insertion and protects the plug from damage in steel belted tires.   Stem Diameter - 1/4in. 6mm Patch Diameter - 2 1/4in. 57mm  ...
Price: $86.96
In Stock
14-508 Quilled Patch Plug Qty 25
Model #MY16471
66-16-471 Cleaner Fluid 1 Quart   Dissolves lubricants and contaminants prior to buffing. Also used to help remove excessive buffing dust prior to applying repair units. Fast-cleaning action maximizes adhesion. Available in an aerosol (non-flammable mixture) and spout type (flammable mixt ...
Price: $22.22
In Stock
66-16-471 Cleaner Fluid 1 Quart
Model #MY42642
66-42-642 Buffing Stone
Price: $24.08
In Stock
66-42-642 Buffing Stone
Model #ML66
66 Tire Stickers - USED - Qty 250   Sticker Labels for tires "USED TIRE"
Price: $48.22
In Stock
66 Tire Stickers - USED TIRE - Qty 250