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14-008 Vulcanizing Cement - Flammable 8oz.

31 Inc.
Condition: New
Model/SKU: TI14008
Manufacturer: 31 Inc.
Shipping Weight: 2.00
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Price: $6.73/EACH
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14-008 Vulcanizing Cement - Flammable 8oz.


Chemical Vulcanizing Cement
For chemical or heat vulcanization. The flammable vulcanizing cement is our most popular, fast dry cement. For use with any X-tra Seal repair unit or insert. When used on large reinforced patches, coat patch and inner liner with cement.

Features & Benefits


For chemical or heat vulcanization
The flammable vulcanizing cement is our most popular fast dry cement
For use with any X-tra Seal repair unit or insert




Ascot No. 501-14008

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