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CBEX12CS Balancing Beads Drop-In 12oz. Qty/36

Condition: New
Manufacturer: Counteract
Shipping Weight: 28.00
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Price: $381.65/CASE
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CBEX12CS Counteract Balancing Beads Drop-In 12oz. Qty/36


TPMS Compatible



Open the outside package and throw the inside bag into the tire. This method allows the use of an air blaster to seat the tire on the rim without contaminating the seating area. The air blaster pressure inside the tire will collapse the bag containing the beads or it will break soon after inflation. The Counteract Balance Beads will automatically balance the complete wheel assembly. To reduce the posibility of a valve leak, we recommend the use of a Counteract valve core and self-sealing valve cap (SOLD SEPARATELY).


Benefits of balancing the complete wheel assembly in all positions:

  • Proven fuel savings
  • Extended tire life - An average of 30% improvement on tire life
  • Decreased vibrations
  • Eliminates the need for lead weights


Motorcycle Applications

80 - 120 mm tire width >> 1oz. Counteract Balance Beads

80 - 120 mm tire width (BMW Telelever only) >> 2oz. Counteract Balance Beads

130 mm tire width >> 2oz. Counteract Balance Beads

130 mm - 240 mm width >> 2oz. Counteract Balance Beads

250 mm - 360mm tire width >> 3oz. Counteract Balance Beads

195 - 205 car tires on the rear >> 3oz. Counteract Balance Beads

Scooter Applications
10" diameter wheels >> 1oz. Counteract Balance Beads

12" & Up diameter wheels >> 2oz. Counteract Balance Beads

Dual-Purpose / Off-Road with Rim Locks
Front - 80 - 120 mm tire width >> 2oz. Counteract Balance Beads

Rear - 130 -230 mm width  >> 3oz. Counteract Balance Beads


Ascot No. 451-00212-CASE



Counteract application chart (4.33 MB)
Free Download
Counteract Bag-in-Bag application instructions (53.96 kB)
Free Download
Counteract Injection pump application instructions (119.39 kB)
Free Download
Counteract Balance Bead FAQs (99.83 kB)
Free Download
Counteract-SDS-11-17  (549.65 kB)
Free Download
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