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KIT N Off-Road ATV/UTV DIY 4 x 10oz Qty/40

Special Order
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Counteract
Shipping Weight: 39.00
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Price: $730.48/CASE
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Counteract Balancing Beads for ATV/UTV
Counteract Balancing Beads for ATV/UTV
Counteract Balancing Beads for ATV/UTV
Counteract Balancing Beads for ATV/UTV
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KIT N Off-Road ATV/UTV DIY 4 x 10oz Qty/40

ASCOT PN# 451-04410

Case Includes 14 Kits

Each kit Includes:

  •   4 x 10oz Bag
  •   4 Valve Cores
  •   4 Valve Caps
  • Valve Core Remover
  • Injection Bottle & Tube

It’s no question that these tires are known for carrying a lot of mud, dirt and stones which will cause an out of balance vibration once they start to gain speed due to the extra weight. A traditional spin balance cannot accommodate for these vibrations, especially if your weights flung off the wheel while mudding. Since Counteract is centralized on the inside of the tire and has the ability to migrate when experiencing vibrations. Counteract is constantly changing with the tire through its daily life as it wears, changes and experiences new out of balance conditions, constantly correcting itself for the life of the tire so that you can drive as smooth as possible. In fact, we know how well Counteract works in these applications because we helped break a world record for the world fastest monster truck! The War Wizard achieving a smooth as glass ride at 96mph!

Off-road applications can call for varying amounts of weight. From our 18 years of experience in the industry and our product being used around the world, we know that you will not always receive tires that call for the same amount of weight. You could potentially have one tire that needs 6oz of weight but have another tire on the opposite side of the vehicle that calls for 15oz of weight if not more. Unfortunately it is the nature of the beast with mudders. 9.5/10 our recommended amount of Counteract does the job for these applications, although there are times where you could run into an issue with varying amounts of weight being needed for certain wheels. In that case, to insure a true balance we recommend that the user mount the tire on the rim, place the wheel on a dynamic balancer to find out exactly how far out of balance that tire is, then simply inject that amount if Counteract into the tire via the valve.




Drop-ship direct from vendor, FOB: GA 30271 
Vendor does not ship USPS 
Please allow an additional 3 business days to process shipment if in stock 





SPECIAL ORDER: No returns. Subject to availability.
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