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AWPS-3.00 AW Plasteel Wheel Weight 3oz Qty/25

Condition: New
Model/SKU: PLAWPS300
Manufacturer: Plombco
Shipping Weight: 4.71
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Price: $29.76/BOX
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AWPS-3.00 AW Plasteel Wheel Weight 3oz Qty/25


Used on most domestic vehicles prior to 1995 with alloy wheels


Compact Design
New appearance with curved profile, the redesigned Plasteel® looks like traditional wheel weights from all angles.
Corrosion Resistant
Plasteel® has an exceptional corrosion resistance. Underneath the rugged plastic shell, both the steel core and the clip are coated using OEM recommended coating for a protection surpassing stringent industry standards. In addition, the plastic over-mold shields the coated steel core and provides protection against abrasion and corrosion. Plasteel’s metal coating and plastic shell offer double protection to corrosion which in turn yields exceptional resistance. Many OEM request 480 h of salt spray resistance and Plasteel® more than quadruples that amount with a resistance exceeding 2,000 h without trace of red rust (not even on the metal clip).
Hybrid-Lock: Plastic + Steel Body 
A plastic shell acts as a buffer between the hard steel core and the softer aluminum wheel. This Hybrid-lock™ design is unique to Plasteel®.
Alumi-Flake™ Metallic Material 
NEW Alumi-Flake™ finish with metallic material, the redesigned Plasteel® blends in with alloy wheels. They look like traditional wheel weights.
Intentionally Engineered
Plasteel® meets all requirements for OE car manufacturers, as well as international standards.
Precision Fit 
Plasteel® has a tight and precise fit against the wheel. Unlike other steel wheel weight, there is not gap between the rim and the wheel weight. The wheel weight simply looks like it belong there! The body is formed from a solid piece of steel with a plastic shell molded around it. This allows the wheel weights to have a very consistent weight which increases you efficiency when balancing a wheel.
Hardened Steel Clip 


Recyclable Materials 
Plasteel® is made of steel and plastic. Both of these products can be recycled easily without causing any damage to the environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classifies steel as 100% environmentally responsive.
Easy Application 
Plasteel® is easy to install. In addition, this product series has no clip-only weights. Clip only ¼ oz are very frustrating to install and to remove because most standard tools don’t work well. The ¼ oz are easy to hold while installing, and removal is a snap. In the end they will save you time and money.
Scratchless Installation 
Because the plastic shell acts as a buffer between the hard steel core and the softer aluminum wheel, the wheel weight goes on, and comes off the wheel with no damage. With raw steel and zinc wheel weights, the hardness of the metals combined with sharp edges often results in heavy and permanent scratches on the wheels. The softness and the malleability of the plastic shell make it go on the wheel very smoothly.
Technician Approved 
Nearly used since a decade by tire professionals, Plasteel® stands out as much with major tire installers than tire shops.

Ascot No. 488-51300 

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