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PCS-4 Stem Repair 3/8in. Injury Qty 20

Prema Products, Inc.
Condition: New
Model/SKU: PRCS4
Manufacturer: Prema Products, Inc.
Shipping Weight: 1.00
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Price: $37.14/BOX
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PCS-4 Stem Repair 3/8in. Injury Qty 20


Stem 4 With Guide Wire


Ascot No. 582-00544



PREMA Combi and Stem Repairs are perfect for a fast and safe repair of a crown injury. Prepare the injury using the appropriate PREMA Carbide Cutter. The PREMA Combi Repair comes with a guide wire which fills and seals the injury and repairs the innerliner, all in one easy step. Product is suitable ONLY for installation in combination with PREMA Ultra Fast Dry Vulcanizing Cement. No liability can be assumed in case unsuitable materials are used.


  • Cutter To Be Used: PCC-4
  • Injury Size: 3/8in.
  • Injury Size: 10mm









NOTE: The PREMA Combi may only be used when the angle of the injury is LESS THAN 25°. If the injury angle is GREATER THAN 25°, repair with two-piece PREMA Stem and the correct repair unit (e.g. Radial patch, Universal patch etc.)



Please Note:
As of 2016, the shelf life is now 24 months from date of manufacture.
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