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SSK5 Sure Shot Pressure Sprayer Partial Repair Kit

Ascot Supply Corp.
Condition: New
Model/SKU: SSK5
Manufacturer: Ascot Supply Corp.
Shipping Weight: 0.05
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Price: $16.62/EACH
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SSK5 Sure Shot Pressure Sprayer Partial Repair Kit For Model A

Ascot No. 632-00005

(For Sure Shot Sprayer Models: 1000, 1100, 2000, 2600, 6100, 6200, 6600)

Repair Kit Contents:
item #   -  Description
108 - inner adapter washer
110 - valve
114 - stuffing box packing
116 - cotter pin
120 - filler cap gasket
121 - valve core
302 - Regular spray nozzle (includes # 303)
309 - outer adapter washer
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