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Tire Branders & Regroovers

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Tire Branders & Regroovers category in Yourtireshopsupply.com are tools used in retreading and branding tires for resale.

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Model #AS3000
AS3000 Propane Tire Brander   ASCOT No. 452-03000   *Features (25.4mm) 1-inch numbers, zero through nine, plus the capacity on the end for three, one-inch interchangeable characters (sold separately). The option of interchangeable characters in this convenient tool allows quick b ...
Price: $473.06
In Stock
AS3000 Propane Tire Brander
Model #AS32WH
AS32WH Electric Tire Brander 120 Volts With Auxillary Handle   ASCOT No. 452-01201   Note: Letters & Numbers sold seperately.
Price: $376.34
In Stock
AS32WH Electric Tire Brander 120 Volts With Auxillary Handle
Model #MTTD40RG
TD-40RG Tire Regroover 110v Instant heat when pressure is applied 3 heat settings Accepts the following blades: R-5 - 23/64", R-4 - 9/32", R-3 - 13/64", R-2 - 1/8", R-1 - 5/64" W-5 - 13/32", W-4 - 5/16", W-3 - 1/4", W-2 - 5/32", W-1 - 5/ ...
Price: $598.91
In Stock
TD-40RG Tire Regroover 110v
Model #EL16E
45-840 Elrick Tire Brander 16E 110 Volt    Holds 1/2in. and 1/4in. numbers, letters, and spaces Hold approximately (10) 1/2in. letters, numbers, and spaces Replaces 16 D Operate with one or two hands Fast heating 110 volt (Special Order 220 Volts Part # 45-841) ...
Price: $339.03
In Stock
45-840 Tire Brander 1/2in. - 1/4in.
Model #EL32
45-699 Tire Brander 1in. 120 Volt   Numbering disc features the Dial-the-Number Indicator showing the number being branded Fast Heating Built-in stand 120 Volt Single slot holds replaceable numbers and/or letters 3-1" at a time. Note: Letters & Numbers sold seper ...
Price: $415.11
In Stock
45-699 Tire Brander 1in. 120 Volt
Model #EL45841
45-841 Tire Brander 1/2in. - 1/4in. 220 Volt   Replaces 16 D Operate with one or two hands Fast heating (Special Order 220 Volts Part No. 45-841) Operating Tempreture: 700-800 degrees F 290 Watts         SPECIAL ORDER: This Item is a ...
Price: $383.92
In Stock
45-841 Tire Brander 1/2in. - 1/4in. 220 Volt
Model #REGR414
RC 414 Regroover 115V        Ergonomic handle design makes working with this tool easier and reduces hand-fatigue. An 8-position heat control modulates cutting intensity resulting in fast and accurate regrooving of Truck or Tractor tires. (Not intended for Passenger veh ...
Price: $616.38
In Stock
RC 414 Regroover 115V