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2110 Non-Rust Rim-Kote 30/lb.

Ascot Supply Corp.
Condition: New
Model/SKU: MU2110
Manufacturer: Ascot Supply Corp.
Shipping Weight: 30.00
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Price: $101.77/PAIL
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2110 Murphy's Non-Rust Rim-Kote 30 Pound Pail 
Murphy's Non-Rust Rim-Kote is a corrosion resistant tire mounting lubricant that prevents wheel rim rust. Murphy's rust retardant formula also helps prevent tire bead freezing and helps seat tubeless tires in freezing temperatures. Non-Rust Rim-Kote has proven to be the mounting lubricant of choice for mounting large truck tires. Murphy's can also be used effectively as a fifth wheel grease.
Murphy's Non-Rust Rim-Kote tire lubricant is a soft, non-water dispersible paste. It is a stable blend of vegetable oil, soaps, surfactants, mineral fillers and water. It is not petroleum based.
Murphy's Non-Rust Rim-Kote tire lubricant is excellent for use in all types of tire mounting systems, and it is tested safe for use on most common rubber materials.
  • Non-water dispersible
  • Stable from 10° to 110°F
  • No objectionable odor 
  • Contains no phosphates
  • Contains no petroleum oils
  • Low VOC
Technical Data 
Form: Paste
Color: Tan
Odor: Bland
Phosphates: None
Water Dispersibility: Trace
Petroleum Content: None
Penetration: 300-350 at 77°F
Total Base Number: 10-30 mg KOH equivalent per gram
Flash Point: ›220°F (contains water)
Percent NVM: Approximately 88% by weight
Ascot No. 434-02110
Murphys Safety Data Sheet (444.27 kB)
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Murphys Product Data Sheet (405.4 kB)
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