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CPCYMA33MM Loose Wheel Nut Indicator 33mm Qty/100

Special Order
Ascot Supply Corp.
Condition: New
Model/SKU: AS20133
Manufacturer: Ascot Supply Corp.
Shipping Weight: 7.00
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Price: $87.50/BAG
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CPCYMA33MM Point To Point Loose Wheel Nut Indicator 33mm Qty/100
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CPCYMA33MM Point To Point Loose Wheel Nut Indicator 33mm Qty/100


Checkpoint Caution Yellow Medium Arrow 33mm Fluorescent Yellow Loose Nut Wheel Indicator 


A Simple and cost effective product that can help guard against a potential catastrophic loss caused by loose when used as part of total torque wheel program

When fitted on properly torqued wheel nuts and inspected by a driver or technician, the Checkpoints clearly and visually indicate if the wheels nuts have moved
If the arrows have moved from the point-to-point pattern, this indicates they have loosened and need attention
Enhanced fleet safety management 
Facilitates the driver's check for wheel nut movement and his involvement with vehicle safety 
Early warning for mechanic or driver of excessive heat caused by possible brake or bearing problems 
Demonstrate your fleet commitment to vehicle road worthiness and safety 





This Item is a Special Order Only - No returns on this item
Product subject to availability.
Additional Lead time and freight charges may apply.





Ascot No. 402-20133

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