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RAD-120 Radial Repair Unit Qty 10

Rema Tip Top North America, Inc.
Condition: New
Model/SKU: RERAD120
Manufacturer: Rema Tip Top
Shipping Weight: 0.80
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Price: $50.65/BOX
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RAD-120 Radial Repair Unit Qty 10


Ascot No. 575-00120


Rema tip top offers a variety of radial-ply repair units to meet the diverse demands of todays passenger, truck, and OTR tire applications. Due to our fully-integrated blue bonding layer and center over injury design, REMA Tip Top radial ply repair units are sutible for use with all current vulcanizing systems. For best results, always select the corresponding rema tip top stem insert unit, carbide cutter and special cement bl (non flammable) or special blue cement (flammable) product for a permanent, reliable repair.




  • 2-Ply
  • 4-7/8in. x 3in.
For more information see:
RAD100 SERIES Radial Repair Units Brochure located in the Files Tab
Technical Data Sheet  (64.33 kB)
Free Download
RAD100 Series Brochure  (159.52 kB)
Free Download
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