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BL-8F Special Blue Cement - Flammable

Rema Tip Top North America, Inc.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Rema Tip Top
Shipping Weight: 0.60
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Price: $13.58/EACH
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BL-8F Special Blue Cement - Flammable


8oz. Can With Brush Top 


The key to REMA TIP TOP's exclusive Blue Bonding System, Special Blue Cement (flammable) creates a nearly indestructible bond between tire and repair unit. REMA TIP TOP's newest Special Blue Cement (flammable) is free of CFC and aromatic compounds. Specifically designed for the application of REMA TIP TOP Radial, Bias-Ply and Universal, Minicombi & RemaStem repair units. Use for chemical installation of REMA TIP TOP blue bonding layer repair units, Blue Floater Gum and chemical vulcanizing compounds.

  • The lynch pin of Rema's exclusive Blue Bonding System
  • Special Cement BL creates a nearly indestructible bond between tire and repair unit
  • Specially formulated for use in all types of tire repair, special accelerator solution that can be used equally well in both cold and hot vulcanizing




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Ascot No. 502-40541

BL-8F Technical Data Sheet  (69.26 kB)
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BL-8F Safety Data Sheet  (404.48 kB)
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